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Jefferson Machine Company specializes in the manufacturing and sales of Bucyrus Erie crane parts. We stock or manufacture a wide variety of hard-to-get Bucyrus Erie crane parts, including new, rebuilt, or used crane parts. Other crane manufacturer parts are also available. 24/7 field service and shop service is available.

  • Crane parts shipped worldwide.
  • Crawler crane parts, truck crane parts, lattice crane parts, dragline crane parts, and more.
  • We maintain a large supply of new and used parts in our inventory.
  • If parts are not inventoried, we can make new parts in our manufacturing facility, and with a quick delivery.
  • Complete crane and dragline rebuild.
  • 24/7 field service for crane repair.
  • Fast crane parts delivery.
  • We manufacture a wide range of crane parts and stock high-usage "off-the-shelf" parts.
  • We can manufacture new or rebuild crane booms.
  • Below is a brief summary of some of the Bucyrus Erie cranes, by model number, for which we can supply parts. We are not limited to these, so please contact us if you need a part or repair for any type of Bucyrus Erie crane.

Bucyrus Erie 88B, Bucyrus Erie 71B, Bucyrus Erie 30B

Bucyrus-Erie Crane Parts Gallery

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Bucyrus-Erie Crane Parts In Stock:

  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Air Cylinders / Valves
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Axles
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Bearings
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Booms
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Brake / Clutch Lining Kits
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Brakes
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Bronze Bushings
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Buckets
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Circle Gears
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Clutches
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Drive Chains
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Drums
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Gears
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Idlers
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Pins
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Pinion Shafts
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Propel Chains
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Rollers
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Shafts
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Sheaves
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Side Frames
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Sprockets
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Torque Converters
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Track Pads
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Transmission Chains
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Tumblers
  • Bucyrus-Erie Crane Undercarriage Parts


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